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Laburnum House, Shocklach, Cheshire SY14 7BT, U.K.. Telephone: +44 1829 250562;

fax: +44 1829 250444


The Reservoir Associates International partnership has provided geological consulting to the international oil and gas industry since 1988.

Our exploration, development and production experience extends across many parts of the world, including the U.K., mainland Europe, Africa, Falklands, Australia and Siberia.

Client-proprietary consultancy provided by Reservoir Associates International encompasses:



sedimentological and diagenetic studies of clastic strata


subsurface reservoir analysis of red-bed to deep-marine depositional systems


reconstruction of aeolian and fluvial sandbody dimensions and geometries


integrated research studies and geochemical modelling of diagenetic pathways


field studies of frontier exploration acreage


field seminars and tutorial courses


Through academic and other professional links, Reservoir Associates International has the capability to offer integrated studies encompassing seismic-structural analysis of sedimentary basins, fluid-flow and hydrocarbon-fill histories, field-management programmes and blue-sky research.



Further information on any of the above may be obtained from:

Dr Lou Macchi,

Reservoir Associates International, Laburnum House, Shocklach, Cheshire SY14 7BT, U.K.

Tel: +44 1829 250562, fax: +44 1829 250444


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